In playing we discover ourselves … ZOO-GA

The ZOO-GA Project starts with a playful approach to Yoga, conceived specifically for children: by listening to their body and investigating their physical being, children are stimulated to develop an awareness of their physical interaction with the surrounding world.

Within this project, Yoga practice will be presented in a simple, playful way, especially suitable to enhance the characteristics that are most evident in children, such as flexibility, adaptability, and constant experimentation and research involving physical body/physical space. The game-like approach will adapt to each child’s specific traits, in order to favor a growing awareness: a healthy, respectful relationship with one’s own body can help overcome both physical and psychosomatic troubles. By improving children’s ability to relate to their body at a very early age, their cognitive-behavioral skills’ development will positively impact their growth process.

This course is aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 9, divided by age groups (ages 3-4, ages 5-6, ages 7-9)

Self-esteem, courage, self-confidence, discipline, respect, awareness, trusting yourself and those around you: these will be among the key elements children will be encouraged to develop, striving to achieve a harmonious integration with everything and everyone around them. Making children free, fearless, and helping them acquire a gratifying self-awareness: such is one of this project’s main objectives.

Roberto Caiti

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