Zen Shiatsu

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a type of physical treatment, which developed in Japan during the 20th century. The Japanese word “zen” derives from the Chinese “ch’an” and the Sanskrit “dhyana”, which means “meditation”, but also “everything/together”.

Shiatsu has reached worldwide recognition as a method for curing and preventing illnesses, thanks to its effectiveness and its simple, straightforward methods.

It is performed by exerting a calibrated pressure on the person’s skin, with the objective of taking care of internal ailments, treating specific conditions, or helping to preserve or improve the person’s overall health. Shiatsu acts on the body’s meridians, which, if not properly functioning, can alter an organism’s energy flow, and impact the neurovegetative system. Its principles, therefore, are closely related to those of acupuncture.

In the Zen discipline, having a good teacher is paramount; in Shiatsu, the teacher is our patient.

Zen Shiatsu (ZS) Treatments

These treatments are targeted to each individual patient as a whole, thus acting on the body’s energy flow in order to restore its balance.

A Zen Shiatsu treatment benefits both body and mind. Making a regular practice of undergoing ZS treatments can be helpful in preventing or relieving a number of mental or psychological imbalances brought on by daily life routines.

Thanks to ZS, our organism’s natural ability to heal itself can be stimulated. A treatment typically takes place in a quiet, relaxing environment; the patient experiences the physical contact and undergoes the various pressure practices while lying fully clothed on a suitable surface (futon mattress); patients should preferably wear light, natural fiber garments for the treatment. Through ZS, we can listen to and care for ourselves on a deep level.

(Roberto Caiti)

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