Yoga in Fascia® - Swaddled Yoga

This program will form the previously missing link between Pregnancy Yoga and a form of exercise enabling new mothers and their babies to practice Yoga together, thanks to the use of ergonomic supports.

Yoga is proven to naturally strengthen the bond between mother and newborn child. Wrapped in a band-like swaddle, babies can experience those welcoming, relax-inducing sensations that surrounded them during the nine months inside the womb, while feeling also their mother’s warmth and deep heartbeat rhythm.

Swaddled Yoga springs from the need to live the post-delivery stage in a tranquil, balanced way.

A qualified instructor will conduct these classes, focusing on the following targets:

  • Supporting mothers in the process of identification with their new role through self-acceptance and listening practices;
  • Assisting the new mothers in establishing a connection with their baby;
  • Providing useful tools to face the post-delivery stage on both physical and emotional levels, thanks to breathing, asana, and mudra practice;
  • Making time for welcoming, inclusive practices with the newborn baby;
  • Providing new mothers with “me-time” for sharing experiences.

Swaddled Yoga can thus become an ideal practice, where you can experience a cozy, welcoming, safe, loving, protective, and warm environment.

Alessia Bocchi

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