Yoga and Health – Listen to yourself and feel better

Beginning this year, Policrea has created 5 new Yoga sessions, specifically designed to help with commonly experienced physical ailments. Each class will last 1 ½ hour, and take place on a monthly basis.


This activity can be performed by everyone: you needn’t be proficient in the discipline. All you have to do is love yourself and take care of your physical and psychological well-being. Nowadays it is truly important to be able to detect the messages our bodies are sending us: beside other conventional healing practices, this is a natural approach, focusing more on our ailments’ causes rather than symptoms.

What led me to this idea?

Thanks to my long-standing experience and practice, and especially thanks to my students and their queries and feedback, I was able to compile a list of frequently experienced ailments involving muscles and joints, as well as discomfort on the psychophysical level. My idea, then, was to create a series of Yoga sequences focusing on these troubles for the benefit of my students, and not only them: everyone who’s looking for relief for their trouble spots can find it through these exercises and practices.

I have decided to deal with 5 common ailments, that can occur at any time to many of us, by devising 5 specific sequences that may provide the means to ease discomfort. No need to be an experienced Yogi to take part in these sessions: just love yourself by taking care of your physical well-being!

The dates of the 5 sessions will be posted on the website each month on this page. You can also check the Events Calendar for a fuller picture.

Roberto Caiti

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