What is Yoga

The word “Yoga” comes from a Sanskrit term, “YUJ”, meaning “to join, bind together, to yoke”, but also “to discipline, to focus” and, by extension, “to apply, to use”. Yoga is a timeless, pragmatic science, which developed throughout thousands of years: its focus is the physical, moral, mental, and spiritual well-being of man as a whole. Just like a well-cut diamond, it displays many facets, refracting the light’s different colors: in a similar way, each facet of the word Yoga uncovers a different meaning, revealing different ways in which the human soul strives to reach inner peace and happiness.

In the beginning, Yoga practice brings about a feeling of measured balance; when we apply it to our own body, it teaches us how to work it in order to achieve greater strength and harmony.

Hatha Yoga Courses

Personalized Yoga classes, targeted to enhance body awareness: improving its flexibility, strengthening its weak spots, learning to recognize reactions to different stimuli, detect and interpret the signals our body sends us.

A deeper awareness helps us face stressful situations, both on the physical and on the mental level.

Our courses are available for three levels of proficiency: beginner, intermediate, and advanced, focusing at all times on each participant’s individual characteristics. An introductory meeting will give the participants the chance to get better acquainted with our instructors; a form they will be asked to fill will provide the instructors with details that will enable them to plan exercises best suited to each person.

Thanks to our instructors’ attentive monitoring, the participants will be sure to experience results right from the very first meeting: an achievement sure to boost their self-gratification.

Roberto Caiti

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