Symbolic Weddings

More and more couples are interested in “Symbolic weddings”, events allowing them to have their wedding celebration in meaningful locations, often against breathtaking natural backdrops, making use of words and vows chosen by them, and performed by a professional master of ceremonies.
By “Symbolic”, we mean that a ceremony is faithfully reproduced and performed following precise aesthetic and personal preferences.
A Symbolic wedding is a rite performed on a grand scale, with the added plus of customization and the choice of a dream location.
We offer the Symbolic wedding celebration and plan a personalized rite with our clients: from the master of ceremonies’ choice to the music selection, from the text of the readings for the officiants or witnesses to the couple’s vows and the type of wedding rite.

Your Symbolic wedding: the perfect match of spiritual and emotional elements to provide you with an unforgettable ceremony.

Our services to you:
– We select and reserve the most suitable master of ceremonies among those closest to the venue and available on the set date
– We collect data enabling us to better plan the wedding
– We plan a customized outline of the ceremony
– We compose your wedding’s personalized wording (readings, vows, etc)
– We make sure the professional officiant receives the ceremony’s papers
– We organize an interview between the couple and the master of ceremonies (Skype interviews will be set, if necessary)
To take advantage of our services in planning this celebration:
– Choose the wedding’s date and location
– Contact us and request a personalized quote
You can find out more about our services, from personalized wording selection to the choice of the most suitable master of ceremonies for your wedding.

Refer to Symbolic wedding to find our proposals relative to:
– Renewal of wedding vows
– Naming ceremony

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