Sweet feelings – The Path to Motherhood

A journey you can make on your own or as a couple. A journey exploring pregnancy’s spiritual side, guiding you to self-discovery: a path of self-acknowledgment that will open for you new, transformative, and higher dimensional views of both yourself and life.
This journey moves from a joyful wish: we aim to offer women a space in which they will progress along the path to motherhood, by communing on a deep level with themselves and their child.
In the Western world, looking for answers and directions outside ourselves has become a habit: we allow ourselves less and less room to establish a connection with our inner feelings and wisdom, which may very well guide us. Motherhood takes us back to these feelings, this wisdom, so that we may feel and “become”… our soul’s vibrations are echoed in our baby’s very first heartbeats…
On the way to becoming mothers, we are able to recognize in ourselves our present and future womanhood: we can review our wisdom and our knowledge, we can re-evaluate our beliefs, and open up to new questions, new answers, a new outlook on life. We may conjure up new dreams and plans that will work in harmony with our hearts’ reasons and our love’s strength.
Throughout this journey , we’ll practice with techniques focused on self-awareness and well-being, from meditation to painting, to natural remedies: we’ll aim at developing our ability to welcome inspiration, clarity, light, so as to enhance this unique experience. The path to motherhood will make us honor ourselves as women, value each stage of this journey, treasure its challenges, explore the palette of our feelings and emotions, discover people who deeply support and nurture us. It will help us create a vision of well-being, joy, and harmony with ourselves, our partner, our child, and our family. By listening to others, by showing and feeling tenderness, we open up to a new, joyful, life-affirming dimension.
By making this journey within a group, we can feel their support while proceeding in our search for wisdom and self-reliance. Each woman contributes her own experience: a special gift as unique as her life, her feelings, her knowledge, her experience as a mother, woman, sister, daughter, wife, and friend…
The journey is made up of four stages, and Tatiana Vecchiato is in charge of smoothing the transition: she a holistic operator, an independent researcher in several fields, such as women’s health and wellness, traditional wisdom practices, natural healing, and holistic training.
(Tatiana Vecchiato)

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