Our Retreats are a unique opportunity to take part either in an individual or a group journey, enabling you to listen, feel, question your own beliefs and emotions, in short all that resonates deeply inside you. You will then explore unique, wonderful parts of yourself by focusing on your feelings and sensations, and by expressing and sharing them through exercises, games, and practice.

The activity is aimed at encouraging the blossoming of our inner gift, the reason for which we find ourselves in this physical universe: experienced professionals will assist the participants, in a harmonious interaction with nature, on the quest for the beauty of life.

If you wish to learn something new, experiment with a technique, examine a familiar issue in depth and from many different angles, a Retreat gives you the chance to delve deep in a chosen topic: a perfect way, then, to broaden your knowledge!

In just a few days you’ll be able to take home with you an increased expertise, and one-of-a-kind experiences and emotions, that will prove a helpful tool on your path toward awareness and harmony.

Policrea regularly offers seminars, both in Italy and abroad. For more info, contact us or sign up to our newsletter.

Roberto Caiti and Tatiana Vecchiato

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