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Reiki Course Levels 1-2-3 Usui

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a natural healing technique originating in the Far East (by “healing” we aim at describing a deep spiritual and vibrational healing, having a positive impact on the overall health conditions as it increases the well-being area while reducing the unbalanced, altered state). Reiki aims at reaching a balanced harmony of body-mind-heart with the spiritual dimension, and it is “based on the theory that man can become a channel conveying cosmic energy through different activation levels.” (Zingarelli)
By the laying on of the hands, in fact, Reiki transmits pure and universal energy, helping those who practice this technique to establish a deep, strong connection to their inner resources, while triggering a unique system of regeneration and wellness.

This method was developed in the early 1900s by Reiki Master Mikao Usui.

Our Reiki course is offered to responsible, self-reliant individuals, wishing to help others by healing their emotional scars first. This will make them fully aware of their inner “life force energy”, so they will be able to transfer it to others.

The course is structured on 3 levels, with an added one for those wishing to acquire Teacher qualification.

LEVEL 1: Self-healing
LEVEL 2: Mental Body, Astral Body
LEVEL 3: The Master’s Way

Once the course is underway, participants are not bound to continued attendance, and there is no deadline to reach each level’s completion: such decisions are left to each participant, based on their sense of responsibility and capacity for self-searching.


  1. Historical overview of Reiki and Master Usui’s life
  2. The 5 precepts – practical exercises to detect the life force energy
  3. Chakras: what they are, and how to harmonize them through Reiki
  4. Self-treatment, quick treatment, basic treatment
  5. Activating the First Level Energy Flow Channels with the Four Ceremonies

A series of short, intense meditation sessions will be performed during the course: this will lead to a quick, deep clearing of our energy, allowing our true frequency to attune to the Reiki light, which will then vibrate inside us.

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