Project Teenglish

In Italy, in these structures surrounded by nature, children aged 6 to 14 will have the opportunity to discover their unique gifts working together, and to explore new paths both outdoors and in the English language. By combining the approach to the heart of nature to that to the heart of the Anglo-Saxon culture, they will strengthen their ability to move both in a physical and verbal environment. Their improved communication skills will lead to easier reading and speaking, thus opening up more opportunities to grow interested in things, learn, and become part of a wider world, all through play and recreational activities.
Read here about the scheduled vacation-study campuses.
TEENGLISH program’s strong points are:

AUTHENTICITY: we keep in close contact with the children/youngsters, letting them live authentic, first-hand experiences;
ADVENTURE: we help youngsters feel the excitement of discovery, by revealing new aspects of nature, exploring places, meeting people;
PROFESSIONALISM: our group leaders have gathered decades-long experience working with children and teenagers; their linguistic competence is certified C2 level; they attend regular refreshing training, and have gained internationally-based professional experience;
QUALITY: we are in constant search for high-level linguistic and didactic programs and material, as well as high-quality recreational and art-related activities.


Give your children the gift of an unforgettable experience!
Roberto Caiti and Tatiana Vecchiato

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