The term “phytotherapy” comes from the Greek “phytòn”, meaning both “plant” and also “creature”. Phytotherapy is a medical science which investigates the proper use of medicinal plants and their derivatives in order to prevent or treat numerous illnesses or conditions; as a result we may find medicines for the treatment of medical conditions, and food supplements aimed at health maintenance. Our Ayurvedic doctor is qualified to diagnose the patient’s ailments and accordingly prescribe therapies that treat the individual as a whole, following a thorough consultation and, first and foremost, taking into account all the details and factors (both internal and external) involved in his/her daily life, which prove essential to achieve a correct evaluation. The use of plants, and alternative medicine in general, aim at identifying and relieving the cause at the roots of an imbalance or an ailment, by taking care of a patient as a whole individual from all points of view (the importance of good eating habits, healthy lifestyle, meditation, physical activity, etc.) Making use of phytotherapy as an aid to traditional medicine is, therefore, a correct practice; however, it is advisable to do so following expert and qualified advice, ideally from a medical practitioner. Policrea has teamed up with experts among the best in their field.

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