Personalized tourist guides to destinations in Italy and abroad

The service we offer is personalized according to our clients’ requests and needs.

First-time visitors to Italy wishing to include in their itinerary some of this country’s best-known destinations, will refer to a guide who will assist them in planning their journey, by supporting them with travel forms and documents, and dealing with the locals.

For more discerning guests, especially those wishing to get a taste of destinations off the beaten track, we will enrich their experience with “special tours”, focusing on the Emilia Romagna region, particularly the province of Reggio Emilia.

Our wide knowledge of the territory, its natural and artistic attractions, cultural and culinary heritage and traditions, paired with our deep love for it as part of our life-experience, guarantee that our guests are provided with a unique service: a travel experience decidedly different to the ordinary travel package.

Our guests will get to see through their guide’s eyes a land of which they’ll become part, plunging into a deeply personal experience, which will make their journey unforgettable!

This service is offered also to our Italian customers wishing to make a guided tour of Australia, the United States, Great Britain, and Ireland. Thanks to our experienced guides, they will enjoy a new and intriguing approach to their travel destination.

We furthermore provide the following:

  1. Short guided excursions (1 – 2 – 3 days) in Italy;
  2. Pdf compact guides to Italy and other foreign countries for the independent traveler;
  3. Personalized travel plans for a truly unique, unforgettable experience.

Roberto Caiti

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