Personal Trainer

Take care of your well-being by choosing the personal trainer that is right for you.
Policrea’s specialized trainer can create a personalized fitness plan suited to your specific needs and your unique body type. At Policrea, you’ll find personalized training sessions focused on your needs, specific exercises targeted to your short and medium term goals, and also a step-by-step chart built following a careful assessment of your requirements; your activity and progress will also be closely monitored.
Thanks to a cozy, comfortable, and relaxing environment, you’ll be able to use the finest tool in the world, the human body, in a way that will allow you to regain a fine physical condition: no more pain, limitations, and sensations of being weighed-down.
We offer an innovative personalized training plan, by investing in what is most important to you: yourself, your health and your body.
(Roberto Caiti)

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