Osteopathy – Physiotherapeutic Massages

What is Osteopathy
Osteopathy is a manual contact medicine recognized by the World Health Organization, which, in 2007, described it as a “manual therapeutic method, which considers the human being as a functional unit of mind, visceral organs, and body.” Since December, 2017, Osteopathy is considered a medical practice in Italy.
How Osteopathy operates 

After obtaining and examining the patient’s objective and subjective clinical information, the practitioner performs an evaluation of the systems regulating the organism’s stability, unity, and dynamic functions. The patient is then treated accordingly, through the use of the technique deemed most suitable for their specific needs at that specific time. The treatment aims at restoring or maintaining the musculoskeletal, articular, craniosacral, fascial, visceral, emotional, and energy-related balance and functionality. A properly functioning system can significantly support the body in its ability to react, in order to restore its dynamic balance. Osteopathic treatments are suitable to people of all ages, from newborns to elderly patients.

Generally, patients rely on Osteopathy to help them treat the following conditions:
lower back pain, lumbar facet joint pain, tailbone pain, sciatica;
neck pain, cervico-brachialgy;
back pain, inter-costal neuralgia;
whiplash injury, generic blunt or distortion traumas;
slipped disc;
joint pain (knees, shoulders, ankles);
groin pain, tendinitis, muscle pain;
chronic pain syndrome (arthrosis);
PHS (pariarthritis humeroscapularis, or Painful shoulder syndrome);
THJ disorders (Temporomandibular joint);
Digestive disorders, constipation, colitis, hiatal hernia;
Pregnancy-related discomfort;
Painful periods, menstrual cycle alterations;
Pelvic floor dysfunctions;
Migraine, tension-type and ordinary headaches;
Sinus infection, ear infection, common cold;
Frequent colds, asthma;
Anxiety, stress;
Sleep disorders, hiccup, regurgitation, colic;
Sight disorders.

(Giorgia Zini)

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