Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food (Hippocrates)

Food is a basic aspect of our lives. The food we eat provides us with life, energy, and immunity, nourishing not only our body, but also our mind and spirit. A healthy nutrition plays a crucial part in keeping us healthy and fit, preventing the building up of favorable conditions in which disease can spread. The first step toward well-being is knowing how to listen to our body, in order to understand its needs and requirements. I offer a path/journey in several stages, beginning by analyzing the effects of various types of food on the patient; after that, I shall highlight the characteristics and effects of each food within the patient’s lifestyle. My objective is not so much providing my patients with a strict diet to follow, as to give them hints on how to work on their eating habits: this way, they will pair healthy eating with self-awareness.
Being aware of the processes taking place in our bodies is among the fundamental preconditions required to keep ourselves in a state of energy balance and, consequently, in good health.

Policrea has teamed up with expert practitioners, offering:

  • Nutritional advice based on a conventional approach;
  • Nutritional advice based on Traditional Chinese Medicine;
  • Nutritional advice based on Ayurvedic Medicine;
  • Dietary advice (Dietary programs) and nutritional plans with guaranteed results;
  • Constant and careful evaluation of the patient’s achievements.

Staff Policrea

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