Numerologists maintain that our numbers are our personality’s ID, as it were. Not only that: the numerical value assigned to each letter composing our first and last name trace a line that ultimately can shape future events and their development.
Numerology falls into the category of those disciplines leading us toward a magical dimension. We might not yet be able to chart these disciplines; we can, however, make direct use of them, by adopting a curious, engaged approach.
Numerology belongs to a group of disciplines that we might say have been around forever. Most experts maintain that we ought to accept its existence based on the universal law according to which, “if it’s there, it works”; moreover, it exists beyond any pre-existing rational explanation. Its twin sister, so to speak, astrology, applies numerology’s laws to astronomical alignments at the time of one’s birth.

By providing us with your full name and date of birth, you can receive a free report based on the analysis of your numerology birth chart. The report will allow you to extract crucial elements regarding your personality, as well as a rough indication on how to interpret your life’s events.
Policrea’s service is more of an inquisitive nature, and it doesn’t aim at foreseeing future events. For this reason, Policrea reserves the right to withhold this type of consultation if the person requesting it will be deemed too impressionable.

(Roberto Caiti)

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