Neonatasana - Yoga and the newborn

Mother and baby sharing their space together through Yoga.

The newborn’s arrival has completely transformed your life in unexpected and unpredictable ways.
Being a mother requires combining physical and spiritual well-being on a new level: practicing Yoga-inspired low-impact movements, maybe even with your baby at your side, can help you gradually and safely retrieving your shape, muscle tone, and also inner strength.

The peaceful sensation reached through the breathing flow and deep relaxation can open a quiet and safe path in front of you, helping you in dealing with this special time and its emotional storm.

The post-natal stages according to Yoga

In the first 16 weeks after the baby’s arrival, the first priority is to regain a correct posture. The abdominal muscles need healing and strengthening, and deep breathing is your best ally to restore muscle tone in the pelvis. This time span can be divided into two stages: 0 to 6 weeks, and 6 to 16 weeks after the baby’s birth.

Weeks 0 to 6: in the first six weeks after delivery, the priority is to realign the back and strengthen the pelvis;

Weeks 6 to 16: after the 6th week, we’ll move on to more dynamic Yoga poses, based on your perceptions, and following your own pace. Should your baby interrupt the practice, we shall revert to the initial position, while working on establishing the boundaries between you and the newborn.

(Roberto Caiti)

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