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“As with all important things in life, a beautiful journey is a work of art.”
A new way of planning your travels and stays in Italy.
Attention to detail is crucial: an indispensable touch that will evoke highly personal intimations.
We aim at taking our guests on a journey that, while unraveling each stop’s historic past, will treat them to a string of “small wonders”. For those who, as singles or in groups, wish to discover Italy through emotions and sensations: get ready to be pampered and spoiled!
Our Stay packages: browse through our website, and you’ll find activities, experiences, and visiting packages suited to every request. If you’re looking for an inspiration for a week-end trip, why not try Emilia Romagna? You can choose among a number of proposals of different durations, starting from half a day to week-end packages, all the way to longer stays. Discover the most beautiful spots of this Italian region, that developed along the ancient Roman road Via Emilia: art, flavors, music and fancy cars will make your stay unforgettable! If you don’t see here what you’re looking for, be sure to contact us: we’ll send you a personalized offer, tailor made for you.

Roberto Caiti and Stefania Boni

Emilia Romagna
It’s quite easy to describe this region geographically: to the North, the Po river, to the South, the Apennine mountains. Suspended between land and sea, the Po delta offers charming, enchanted landscapes; the green, sometimes rugged Apennines, is a veritable oasis for those seeking nature and relaxation. This region’s cities are true originals, boasting one-of-a-kind personalities and features: Byzantine Ravenna, rich in mosaics; aristocratic Ferrara, the refined court of the Estensi family for three centuries; Parma, the great, little capital exuding French and Austrian charm; not to mention Bologna, one of Italy’s most important art centers. Discover enchanting Romanesque style samples in Modena, Parma and Reggio Emilia, the latter being also the cradle of Italy’s “tricolore” national flag, and of its beloved Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Whether you savor this region’s art, nature, or seaside, your visit’s seasoning will be provided by local food: flavorful, authentic, tempting, just like its people…

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Planning your trip is our pleasure, yours will be experiencing it.
Roberto Caiti & Stefania Boni

“Reggio Emilia Discoverer”

-Week-end: a 2-day experience filled with flavors and tradition-


  • Touring the city, its historic center and the newest architectural additions
  • Visit of the castles on the surrounding hills, once owned by Countess Matilde of Canossa
  • A tour of the historic cheese factory producer of Parmigiano Reggiano, the King of Cheese

 “Modena Discoverer”

– Week-end: a 2-day experience filled with flavors and tradition –


  • City tour, including its UNESCO-heritage site historic center
  • Visit to the Balsamic Vinegar Museum, featuring product sampling
  • “Balsamic-themed” dinner at Villa Pavarotti, including a tour of the legendary opera singer’s house
  • Tour of the Ferrari Museum in Modena

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