Holistic Services for Women

Caring for Women and their Well-being
Benessere Donna (Women’s Wellness): a holistic health approach taking to heart women’s beauty and well-being, while sharing wisdom and competence that are at the same time ancient and modern. An approach that teaches women to care deeply for themselves: for their body, mind, and soul, by closely listening to their inner Essence.

In this space devoted to loving ourselves as we are, and in appreciating our deepest resources, we discover and learn to use creative tools, that can become means to know and express our personal history. We can weave the fabric of our own life story, and at the same time endow our feminine soul with a voice, a shape, and a body, thus learning to be our own, beautiful self.

Benessere Donna offers individual workshops, meeting, classes, and customized courses aimed at creating a welcoming, nurturing dimension in which you’ll devote time to work on your life-fabric using the thread that springs directly from your inner self. Your unique, one-of-a-kind inner pace will then flow through your creative hands, and express itself in your dancing body, and in the multi-colored palette of your sensitivity.

“Unless you don’t devote all your energies in being yourself, there can’t be no love.”
Italo Calvino

Our offer pairs individually-planned with group-performed activities, such as retreats, workshops, practicing areas, where everyone can draw jointly with the other participants from the inner self structure, from the Female Being, by rediscovering the essence dwelling inside them.
Tatiana Vecchiato

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