Gravidasana – Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga: the secret for living your pregnancy in harmony with the whole

While Ob-Gyns take care of your health and check your baby’s growth and development, Yoga practice can offer you further help. Through Yoga, a new-found peaceful strength, stability and balance will spring from within, enabling you to take on any challenge. The benefits of Yoga for expecting mothers are extraordinary, whether at the beginner or the advanced level.

Yoga, an ancient method of self-healing, promotes well-being and balance between body and soul, which are crucial elements at a time of uncertainty and transition. Pregnancy and delivery bring about major changes, both on a physical and on an emotional level: in order to face them at your best, learning how to use breathing, moving, and relaxation Yoga techniques adapted to your new condition is extremely important.

Yoga will also help you create a new, stable basis for your role as a mother in the years to come.

The stages of pregnancy according to Yoga:

Weeks 0 to 16: The initial stage’s priority is to “make room” for the baby, both physically and emotionally; there is a need for slowing down the pace, discovering the power of micro-movements, and practicing relaxed stretching poses.

Weeks 16 to 34: This might very well be the most enjoyable stage of pregnancy, in which the body grows in strength and dynamism. Now’s the time to experience to the fullest the benefits of Yoga on the energy level, helpful, among other things, in supporting the weight of your growing baby.

Weeks 34 to completion: During the last weeks of pregnancy, as the baby is getting ready for birth, it is important for the mother to focus on her child’s arrival. At this stage, the priority is to keep healthy, and be as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

(Roberto Caiti)

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