Feng Shui

Destiny comes first, then Luck. Third is Feng Shui, followed by virtue and education.
This according to an ancient Chinese saying.

Feng Shui literally means “wind and water”.

About five thousand years ago, the ancient Chinese believed that, by situating your house in the proper position, you would secure for yourself a life of plenty, happiness, and contentedness. Feng Shui has evolved along the centuries, through observation and thoughtful practices. Earlier on, Feng Shui was largely a geographical analysis of the landscape (School of Form). Later, thanks to the invention of the compass, analysis grew more accurate, allowing for houses to be placed according to people’s birth dates (School of Compass).

These days, we are more aware of our surroundings’ effect on ourselves; it makes sense, therefore, to resort to Feng Shui’s principles in order to organize our domestic spaces. This will improve aspects of our life such as harmony, balance, and success, extending also to those with whom we interact daily. According to an ancient tradition from the Far East followed by up-to-date architects all over the world, the spaces we inhabit can be improved in simple and orderly fashion.

Our home should be more than a place where we go to sleep at the end of the day: many of us are unaware of actually practicing “Feng Shui” quite often. We do it, for instance, when choosing pieces of furniture, paintings, photos, or specific objects, which will make our home feel more welcoming and comfortable.

Policrea offers an assessment service to all those who wish to improve their living or working spaces, or the areas in which they spend most of their time.

We collect simple, basic information about how each room is routinely used, together with its layout, and we proceed to prepare an analytical assessment based on each person’s essential traits. We will then be able to re-organize the living spaces in the way that is best suited to their optimal use: this will both make them more comfortable, and also allow for a positive energy-flow. The living-space analysis may be performed either on a single inhabitant, or on him/her and everyone else sharing that space.

Our report will offer advice and suggestions on furniture placing, color choice, suitable shapes, decorative objects, and their arrangement within the living space; it may also consist in providing some simple solutions aimed at achieving a more balanced QI energy flow .

(Roberto Caiti)

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