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“At seven I was on board once more, getting ready to see Australia move further and further away, maybe forever. Thus my journey back begins, the real journey, the most painful and meaningful one: now I’ll find out whether all these miles have taught me anything, whether this has been just an adventure, or a transformative journey”
(Alex Roggiero)
ANDO’s team relies on a decade-long experience acquired directly on the field, by planning vacation trips, cultural journeys, tours, and stays abroad. For those looking to go on a journey that will provide unusual, unique, and unforgettable experiences, .ANDO has the pleasure to present a new kind of customized travel.
Lying on a sandy beach anywhere in the world may come to feel quite ordinary, almost superficial. However, learning Salsa dancing in Cuba, or taking cooking classes in Paris can become truly one-of-a-kind experiences, easily providing long-lasting memories. By combining experience, learning, and emotions, ANDO will give travelers a new, different outlook on the world and on themselves.
ANDO’s strong points are:
AUTHENTICITY: we conduct a vetting process of local businesses and local operators, so that the experience we offer is actually rooted in the territory and its history;
UNIQUENESS: unique experiences can come only from putting our guests first, together with the environment that helps to define their life-experience;
ADVENTURE: we offer the chance to experience a destination’s surroundings, its deep-rooted traditions, giving a glimpse of locations and customs decidedly different from the customary tourist spots;
NOVELTY FACTOR: unique itineraries, private excursions for small groups distinguish us from the increasingly crowded tourist market;
PROFESSIONALISM: our team members are not just guides, they go on a side-by-side experience with our guest travelers, they share the deeply emotional nature a “TRUE” journey;
ASSISTANCE: we provide comprehensive, prompt, and efficient assistance to our guests, all through their journey…and beyond.

.Ando’s travels 2020

Planning your trip is our pleasure, yours will be experiencing it.
Roberto Caiti and Stefania Boni

“Turin, the living room of Italy!”

– 25-26 January 2020 –

Of Turin, above all, the composure of its skyline is striking, surrounded by imposing Alpine peaks. The Piedmontese capital appears as a city of unique charm, where emperors have passed, kingdoms were born, where power has left indelible marks. Today, Turin is a metropolis that looks to its past, pointing to the future with the ambition of a city that from a small piedmont village has become the capital of a kingdom and a nation, to then become the capital of cinema and the automobile.

“Oh, Lisbon, Casa Mia!”

– 8-10 February 2020 –

Lisbon is a popular city, indolent and melancholy, like all the big seaside cities, especially those that are a little further south. And so are its inhabitants whose character is understood first and best by listening to the Fado, the songs that the Portuguese sailors sang on the ships with which they started to conquer the world. Lisbon is the beautiful capital of Portugal, as well as one of the most charismatic and vibrant cities in Europe. It is characterized by the mixture of an ancient cultural heritage, a strong modernist tendency and progressive thought.

“London, God Save the Queen!”

– 28-29 February 1 March 2020 –

Like more than any metropolis of ancient traditions, London has pleasant surprises even for those who have known it for years, if you expect it gray and serious, you will be amazed by the liveliness, variety and above all by the captivating beauty of the city, certainly one of the most fascinating in the world. In addition to the obligatory “stages”, this itinerary offers a visit to little-known corners of the center, revolutionary architecture and its green heritage; to put it to Sherlock Holmes … let’s go to the “crime scene”

“Berlin, 72 hours to amaze you!”

– 20-21-22 March 2020 –

“Berlin combines the culture of New York, the traffic of Tokyo, the nature of Seattle, and the historical treasures of, well, Berlin,” the Japanese political scientist Hiroshi Motomura once said. 72 hours to discover it all is too short a span of time, but it is enough to undergo the charm of its main attractions. The important thing is to know where to go. The tour we offer ranges from east to west, from imperial Berlin to what remains of the Wall, touching the main symbolic places of the city: monuments, squares and museums without forgetting the liveliest areas for evening and night entertainment.

“Naples, nu ‘piezzo ro’ core!”

– 18-19-20 April 2020 –

See Naples and then die … how many times have you heard these words spoken? By now this saying has become very famous and indeed, especially for an Italian, never having visited this wonderful city of Naples is almost a crime! The meaning of this is precisely this: Naples must be seen at least once in a lifetime because it is capable of giving unique emotions and encompasses a myriad of attractions, monuments, museums and truly incredible landscapes.

“Dublin, it will steal your heart!”

– 1-2-3-4 May 2020 –

Voted one of the most hospitable cities in the world, Dublin is a real gem to be discovered. Lively and rich in history, this city will fascinate you with its many facets: ancient medieval buildings coexist with modern buildings and colorful pubs where history blends with the legend and stories of the locals. When we talk about the Irish cliffs we immediately think of the legendary Cliffs of Moher and it could not be otherwise, they are much more impressive than what you might believe before seeing them with your own eyes.

“Matera, the City of the Stones!”

– 30-31 May 1-2 June 2020 –

Matera is one of the oldest cities in the world whose territory contains testimonies of human settlements starting from the Paleolithic and without interruptions up to our days. It represents an extraordinary page written by man through the millennia of this long history. Matera has always been inhabited, the labyrinthine maze of narrow streets, caves dug in the belly of the earth and rock churches dating back 9,000 years.

“India, Ayurvedic Cuddles!”

– 17 June 17 July 2020 –

1-2-3 or 4 weeks of your choice
JOURNEY TO INDIA, KERALA PATRIA OF AYURVEDIC MEDICINE: the ancient science of life explains what to do to promote physical, mental and spiritual well-being for a healthy and happy life, eliminating internal disease that causes external illness. In Somatheeram you will be welcomed in a garden with various species of herbs where you will begin the purification of body and mind in a welcoming and highly specialized environment.

“Namibia, the quintessence of Africa!”

– 22 July 4 August –

An incredible journey on the road between apricot deserts and indigenous peoples. In Africa there is a proverb that states: “What the eye has seen the heart does not forget”. And it is really difficult to forget the sensations you feel when you cross Namibia, an endless expanse of sky and clay, of ocean and desert. Not just natural parks and breathtaking views. This southern African country offers much more.

“West Coast USA, All on the Road!”

– 08-27 August 2020 –

Visiting the West Coast USA on the road is one of the inevitable experiences for any self-respecting traveler, not only because they touch unique destinations, you see spectacular landscapes and exciting places. A journey through metropolises, natural parks and endless expanses that will make you immerse in the cinematic atmosphere 100%.

“Israel and Dead Sea, between the Sacred and the Profane!”

– 30 August 7 September 2020 –

Israel, desire for travel for many. There are those who make this journey to try to understand the reasons for so much contrast, those who do it believing that it is a magical place, those in search of ancient vestiges or unusual panoramas, who to find the places of faith … What are the reasons , is a journey from which all come out enriched. Israel, a Middle Eastern nation on the Mediterranean Sea, is considered by the Jews, Christians and Muslims to be the Promised Land mentioned in the sacred texts.

“Cammino Terre Mutate” Speciale .Ando 2020

– Aprile Giungo Settembre 2020 –

Tre itinerari attraverso le Terre Mutate: Attraversarele Terre Mutate significa incontrare unPaese minore, fatto di borghi medievali toccati dal forte sisma del2016, e una natura dolce e selvaggia. Un viaggio che offre uncontributo concreto alla rinascita di un turismo sostenibile.

1° ITINERARIO da Fabriano a Camerino 3-5 aprile

2° ITINERARIO da Norcia a Castelluccio 5-7 giugno

3° ITINERARIO da Amatrice a Mascioni 11-13 settembre

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