Birth Chart Reading

A Birth Chart is a precise, almost “mathematical” formula, describing our inner nature; it provides a number of useful instructions that can help to potentially achieve what we already were at birth. Hence the definition of the Birth Chart as Mandala, a tool which can lead to the buildup of a well-rounded personality. Our Birth Chart can give us the key to read the innermost meaning in the experiences life has in store for us, all the while respecting our free will, our freedom of choice, and the choices we make. It proves a precious tool in helping us living our life and in grasping its meaning to a much fuller extent.

A Birth Chart can actually emphasize our individual uniqueness, while revealing our creative abilities. The present, consolidated, globalized “reality”, unfortunately, has long been upholding a uniformity of thought and behavior, with no regard whatsoever for the human being’s potential for growth, be they men, women, or children.

To engage in this journey in a conscious way, it is extremely important that an open, honest dialogue is established between the person doing the offering and the person doing the requesting: these two souls face each other encumbered by their earthly experiences and their karmic ones: upbringing, education, tradition, habits, fears, insecurities. My job, then, will consist in (re)tuning a person in with his/her ideals, with what they are trying to become and achieve, thus fulfilling my ideal, too.

(Bruno Berti)

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