Bach Flowers Therapy

With Bach Flowers on the path to growth and self-awareness, for all travelers, great and small, along their life journey.
Available online, at our facilities, or over the phone…
The very first approach, whether online, at our place, or over the phone, is a confidential conversation, during which we meet and describe our present moment, its difficulties, its potential; to this we need to add details about the physical, mental, and emotional energies we are pouring into the situation for which we are seeking assistance. Based on our report, a number of flower remedies will be chosen and explained to us: they can accompany us at a specific time on our way toward growth. Through a series of gentle, safe techniques and tools, such as listening, perception and such, the awareness is focused on one’s journey and specifically which dynamics may engender imbalance and discordance. The selected flower mix will accompany us along a whole lunar cycle (21 days), after which we may either keep it unaltered, or change some flowers, according to the awareness and adjustments that have emerged in the previous weeks.
Let Nature’s energy support you.

(Tatiana Vecchiato)

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