Astrology Lab

“Astrology Laboratory” is a pathway running along seven stages, aimed at attaining self-knowledge, self-respect, and self-acceptance.
The Stages:
The Birth Chart, our destiny’s mandala
The 12 Houses as dharma’s specific traits
Planets, masculine and feminine energy
Animus and anima: destiny’s tools
The Shadow as individual and collective perception
Midheaven and Imum Coeli, Archetypes, and Parents
Mythology and Astrology: from Moira to Pluto
Each stage in the journey will be subdivided into: topic’s overview, and corresponding elements in the participants’ birth charts. Along with your sign-up form, preferably a few days before the first meeting, you’ll be asked to provide date and time of your birth (we kindly request that you check the precise time of birth, in order to exactly chart your Ascendant sign and the Themes of the 12 Houses).
(Bruno Berti)

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