APA (Assisted Physical Activity)

Pain and movement impairment reduce our self assurance and self esteem (Reinhold Messner)
Our courses offer a wide variety of bodyweight exercises; in addition we can plan specific functional exercise routines focused on strength, resistance, power, flexibility, and movement coordination. The main target is to train the whole body, not just one of its parts; the activities are performed both as bodyweight exercises and with gym equipment, adapting every part of each exercise to one’s individual needs.
How can this course benefit you?
By helping increase your physical resilience;
By improving your balance and coordination;
By assisting you in acquiring muscle and joints elasticity;
By giving you increased mobility assurance, and allowing you to feel again the joy of moving;
By strengthening your body.
Targeted individual classes focus on:
Singling out one’s weaker spots, that can expose to pain or muscle and skeletal injuries;
Learning to perform daily activities better through improved mobility management;
Performing strenuous daily chores with less effort;
Gaining strength and improving movement coordination.
Policrea has teamed up with experts among the best in their field.

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