Alchemy of Touch

Policrea offers a Unique divine table treatment with Indian Oils.

A style that fuses Liquid touch, Deep tissue & Joint mobilisation.

Helping your body to deeply relax and open soothing and releasing any physical, emotional disturbances….

The sessions include:

  • Deep Tissue in Motion Rebalancing
  • Joint Mobilization Technique
  • Assisted Yoga Stretches
  • Holistic Massage
  • Energy work
  • Fluid Touch

This style of massage uses rhythmic spinal movements to open in the most effective way, the muscles along the spine to give space to the nerves and help the body to restore to its natural flexibility from where it can heal, restore and rejuvenate itself. These Wave like movements allow energy to vibrate through the body improving fluidity and Oxygen flow.

By Yamuna Devi

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