Akashic Readings

Akashic records are considered a sort of universal archive, a cosmic consciousness. The Sanskrit term “Akasha” means “aether”, or atmosphere. Akashic records exist on a high vibration-based plane, where the entire Universe’s memory is saved.

During an Akashic reading session, the operator establishes a connection to past events that, clinging to a person’s memory, can generate blocks on physical, psychic, and emotional levels. These blocks prevent us from evolving as persons, and they often are key events that occurred in past lives, and whose outcome is still relevant in the present one.

The operator assists people in recognizing and fully grasp these blocks; then, by reaching a deeper level of consciousness, they can understand them and work at getting rid of them. Before approaching these readings, each person is advised to practice a deep search within him/herself: this will enable the reader to pose relevant questions concerning one’s inner path.
The outcome of an Akashic reading can provide help on several levels, as well as substantial support in view of prospective changes in a person’s life.

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