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It was Rosaria, a friend of mine, who came up with this idea; she was looking for “masters of ceremonies” who spoke a foreign language and could perform wedding services while at the same time interacting with the newlyweds’ relatives, friends and guests, making them feel closely involved at such a sensitive, exciting moment as when two people become “joined in Love”. Thoughtfulness and good will toward our fellow human beings: this is what, as Rosaria told me, she saw plainly in me, that made me the ideal candidate for this role.

While initially I felt a little taken aback, after the first wedding ceremony I understood how much joy my heart and soul derived from sharing the beauty, energy and feelings contained in that special moment.

So, as it is always when facing what life puts on my path, I detected a “cosmic message”, and I started asking myself:

– Why not step forward as wedding planner?
– Why not use a combination of Italy’s ideal landscapes to perfectly offset such a central event, paired with the world-famous “Made in Italy” flair?
– Why not offer unique, customized events, to Italian, as well as foreign guests, both heterosexual and same-sex couples?
– Why not provide a service from A to Z, or anything in between, to make each wedding a celebration, a special, once-in-a-lifetime event that will capture and reflect the protagonists’ unique and complex personalities?

Thus it was that, thanks to the support of Paola, Andrea, Antonella and Giada, POLI-WED was created. Our aim was not so much to become WEDDING PLANNERS, or just organize your event, as to be


WE CAN SHAPE YOUR DREAM, that is why we love the expression “TAILOR MADE”, which for us means made especially for each couple wishing to make their union a unique, special, once-in-a-lifetime event.

Our approach puts the individual or, in this case, the couple at the center.

“You don’t love someone for their looks, what they are wearing, or what they possess: you love them because you alone can hear the song they are singing”.

Roberto Caiti


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