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“On meeting someone new, when we get to know them better, we usually ask them “What do you do for a living?”.

For me, this moment always proved a bit awkward, as I couldn’t possibly enclose in one word the number and variety of projects I managed. After giving it a lot of thought, I came up with the name POLICREA, aimed at conveying both my personal and professional skills.

POLICREA combines together two Italian words: POLIedricità (versatility) and CREAtività (creativity)

My varied professional experience, constant research and study, travel experience, combined with the great diversity of the people I’ve interacted with, have provided plenty of fuel to my outgoing, creative personality. I regard every different situation as a source of experience and challenges that allow me to grow and always find new motivation. Being able to convey my experience, knowledge, know-how, or “simply” my emotions to other people fills me with joy: this is my spirit, the passion I put in everything I do. My motto may very well be: “POLICREA: high-quality professionals with the human touch” I look forward to meeting all of you! Roberto


“The proper study of man lies not in books … it is the supreme adventure of self-discovery”

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