08.10.22, Autumn of Purification: Like every year we are approaching the coldest season and we feel almost physiological the purification of all our bodies, the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and soul. “The work on oneself” can be considered as a purification process that precisely sheds light and makes us more aware, on all levels, to be able to face the “manifest” life in a clearer way, devoid of those “intoxications” ” illusions “” distortions “, which can inevitably be generated within us and in relating to the world outside us. So “the work on oneself” could also be defined as a PURIFICATION OF THE VEHICLES OF EXPRESSION, it is as if we had at our disposal a unique variety, that is only proper to us as individuals, of colors with which we can paint our reality and interact. with the realities that surround us in a more harmonious and authentic way.

In recent years, Policrea has carried out a “work on oneself” in a persevering, punctual and precise manner, to experience a process of “RECLAMATION” within one’s being. Experience and therefore MATURE in order to be able to relate to the outside world with greater purity and authenticity, always in the name of diversity in union and not in separateness. While keeping faith with the philosophy born with the Center in 2018 but conceived more than 20 before, behind the original POLICREA project with its POLYHEDRICITY and CREATIVITY hides a renewed and cleaner vision, devoid of all the pre-packaged schemes typical of the world that is inevitably shifting. The CENTER, which as the slogan states puts “YOUR PERSON AT THE CENTER” today is colored by a more mature vision , rich in international and multicultural “expertise”, making the service to people more tailor-made and above all of an inestimable added value. You could now say “YOUR IN DIVIDUALITY AT THE CENTER “.

Here, as early as October, reservations are open for personalized consultations, tailor-made for all those who will consciously choose the path of PURIFICATION, making room, being and not appearing.

POLICREA is also enriched with new important international figures who will contribute to giving further value to the simple and quality offer for which Policrea has always distinguished itself.

An Autumn dedicated to PURIFICATION!

Gassho Roberto C.


Se vuoi una consultazione GRATUITA contattaci e uno dei nostri professionisti sarà lieto di consigliare a TE la consulenza e/o il servizio più in linea con le tue esigenze, creando l’abito su misura per TE.

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